Malaria Message Development

Even though it is no longer Blog About Malaria Month, we will be continuing the effort to Stomp Out Malaria.  Since it is right before the big rainy season it is important to spread awareness on the importance of Malaria prevention measures.  In doing so, I created a list of Malaria Questions including a Survey and a final “bring it home” question.

Not only can this be used for teaching, it can also be used during Message Development to help the students understand more completely all of the aspects of Malaria.

The questions are as followed:


Malaria Questions

  1. What is Malaria?
  2. How is Malaria transmitted?
  3. List the symptoms of Malaria?
  4. What do you do when you get Malaria?
  5. Do you think Malaria is curable?
  6. How can we prevent Malaria?


  1. Who has a bed net?
  2. Who uses a bed net every night they sleep?

Wrap up Question

  1. What is your social responsibility to the community to prevent malaria?

The questions will be used by the previously educated students (Peer Leaders) during Community Conversation in small groups.  Commonly this will take place at the schools but it can also be used around the community.

One of the main objectives of Community Conversation is to get the people to talk about the issues.  Taking it a step further, this will help foster a sense of social responsibility to not only care about their own health and family health but also the health of their neighbors, the community and the world.

  1. Kris mcguckin said:

    Hi Corey, we have been reading your blogs as my son, Evan, is due to arrive in ethiopia July 3. We enjoyed your stories & learned some very useful info. Thanks! I have a question w regard to shipping. You mentioned you get care packages & Christmas gift. I have been researching FedEx & ups freight rates & they are outrageous! $650 for a 20lb package and more. Do you know if use can ship thorough the PC or if they offer discounts? The shipping alone puts a whole new spin on packing! Thanks for sharing your stories and any info you can pass along is greatly appreciated ! Have a great “wet” season
    Thx, kris & Evan McGuckin

    • Check out the flat rate shipping boxes from USPS. They are usually what most people send items to Peace Corps Volunteers. Also, larger boxes can be sent as well at a calculation of the size and weight and are somewhat reasonable. I had a large box sent with all of my kitchen supplies for ~$120. For prices stop by your local Post Office or check out the website

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